Nautical Decor Captain's Knot Board - In Stock and Ready to Ship (Item #:3798)

Captain's Knot Board

This knot board makes the perfect gift item!  The Captain's Knot Board features fourteen authentic knots, a captain's wheel, oars, and pulleys all handsomely displayed on chart.  This is our most popular knot board!!

This knot board is framed in antiqued basswood with brass corners. The knots included on the Captain’s Knot Board are the:

  1. Tuy Sling

  2. Spanish Bowline

  3. Rolling Hitch

  4. Fisherman’s Bend

  5. Linhleyman’s Hitch

  6. Sheepshank

  7. Mast Head Bend

  8. Carrick Mat

  9. Reef Knot

  10. Simple Chain

  11. Figure of Eight Knot

  12. Sheet Bend

  13. Two Half Hitches

  14. Bowline

  15. Plus additional nautical items include: Pair of Oars, Captain’s Wheel, Lanyard and Dedeyes and Magure 2 Trous

Width: 15.75" (40cm)
Depth: 1.75" (4.5cm)
Height: 22.00" (56cm)

Frame: Antiqued Basswood with Brass Corners
Background: Nautical Chart
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