Weems and Plath Captain's Cabin Oil Lamp with Ship Globe(Item #:7389)

Captain's Cabin Oil Lamp with Ship Globe Weems and Plath The Sorensen Captain's Cabin Lamp is a beautiful Dutch-made oil lamp with a ship motif etched on the glass globe. This classically nautical lamp is constructed of solid brass that is hand lacquered requiring no polishing. The lamp rests in a four-way gimbal and the 5 inch (127 mm) handmade acid-frosted globe with ship motif is securely fastened with a clip-on spring that is stainless steel. This ship motif oil lamp can be converted to electric with the Electric Conversion Kit ((ES-1) which is sold separately. E.S.Sorensen, a Danish company, produces a fine collection of high-quality, handmade oil lamps designed and made using models and tools dating back to the end of the 19th century. 0.24" (6mm) circular burner Oil Container Capacity: 4 oz (.12 l) Burn Time: +/- 9 hours with clean burning Weems & Plath lamp fuel Individually numbered Weems & Plath is the exclusive U.S. distributor for E.S.Sorensen lamps Two year limited warranty Electric Conversion Kit (ES-1) sold separately
15.35" (390 mm)

4 lbs 8 oz (2041 g)
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