Model Ships

Welcome to OceanFare's Collection of Authentic Model Ship Replicas!

OceanFare Model Ships are widely regarded as the highest quality out there. What’s really amazing though is the history behind each ship. Each ship replicated is a true piece of history, carrying with it all the adventures, journeys, and unbelievable stories of the original… stories of courageous crews and magnificent sailing vessels, motivating and uplifting, fantastic and eye-opening!

Our Abordage model ships are among the finest in the industry. Handmade by a highly specialized artisans' guild in the Dominican Republic, and built according to the strictest quality standards, these ships are truly stunning. Artisans use both hand-craftsmanship and computer-aided design to obtain perfect accuracy in replication.

Model ships are museum quality, made plank on frame. The number one goal in building an Abordage model ship is to obtain the highest degree of accuracy possible. The immense detail work put into each model ship is made to resemble the exact details of the original – right down to the rigging!

Additionally, OceanFare's support staff is on-call 5 days a week to aid in orders and answer any customer questions. Feel free to call us toll-free at 1-866-272-6773.

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