SMM-16 Super Aquarama 1962 Model Ship

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SMM-16 Riva Super Aquarama (1966) Model Ship by Abordage:

Museum Quality History of the Super Aquarama:

Also known as the "Rolls Royce of the Sea", the last Riva Aquarama produced in 1996 was 8.75 m long, powered by a 320 horsepower engine. It had exceptional performance and could reach speeds up to 90-km/ h. Riva redesigned his top-selling Tritone into the Lipicar, a motor boat perfectly adapted for family water sports. Fortunately, Riva's export manager Gerard Kouwenhoven suggested the name Aquarama instead. The Jet Set quickly made the boat Europe's status symbol. Power options were a pair of 185-hp Chris-Craft engines or 220-hp Riva V8s. Later the boat size increased as 8.25 meters and was powered by 2 -220 horse power engines. The boat could entertain eight persons at a 75km/h speed. In 1966, the firm presented the Super version that is 8.45 m long because of its bigger tankers necessary for to the new 320 horsepower engines. Its performance became exceptional; the Super Aquarama speed is close to 90km/h. The architect Giorgio Barilaini, who is in charge of the yard projects since 1957, re-designed the stern: he created a strainer (passage) that makes the access to the swimming ladder easier. This new version was 8.75 long and named Aquarama Special. With the Special version, Aquarama signed its best model, which is still the floret of the boatyard. 767 units of this graceful mahogany powerboat have been built. Had you been clever enough to buy one in 1963, it would have cost $ 17,800. When the last Aquarama Special rolled out in 1996 the price was $ 387,000. Without question - Riva of Italy - which traces its beginnings to a mid-19th century carpenter shop was a world leader in producing elegant, luxury wooden runabouts. Triumphing at all the boat shows and on all the markets in the world. Kings and emperors, princes and sultans, actors, sportsmen and celebrities, and all the international jet-set that filled the pages of glossy-magazines, headed straight to Riva to choose their boats in the same way as they went to Rolls-Royce or Ferrari for their cars. During this period after WW II, Riva boats became a legend throughout the world, an object of desire and an expression of dreams. Nothing came near to matching the superb quality, style and prestige of the Riva, which was firmly established in a class of its own. Abordage is the Official Model Maker for Riva. Craftsmanship Our model motorboats are handcrafted by a highly specialized artisans' guild in the Dominican Republic according to the strictest of standards. These artisans are highly trained experts, using computer-aided design to obtain 100% accuracy in replication scale. The motorboats are museum quality, made plank on frame. You will not find a higher quality model Super Aquarama at this price! The number one goal in building our motorboats is to obtain the highest degree of accuracy that is possible. The detail work on the Super Aquarama is made to resemble that of the original – right down to the type of materials selected. All of the parts made for the Super Aquarama are designed specifically for this model – they aren’t substitutes from another motorboat. Careful precision in detail is made even in the lines. Finish The Super Aquarama is accurately painted with at least two coats of paint. Five coats of lacquer are also applied, and the model is sanded and polished at each stage, giving the work a radiant finish that protects and preserves. Certificate & Plate The Super Aquarama comes with a certificate authenticating the master who made it, it's country of origin, how the motor boat was made, and more. It also comes with a gold colored plate that displays its name and year. Display Case Looking for a handsome way to display and protect your model motorboat? Consider a display case to accompany your order. We sell finely crafted display cases and can help you select one that will fit the Super Aquarama perfectly. See the “Display Cases” category for more information. Packaging and Shipping Our museum quality motorboats normally ship within 7-10 business days. They are carefully packaged in crates or very strong boxes, supported with forms to insure their protection during shipping. They are mailed via Fed Ex Air to further protect them and for expedient delivery. Instructions on how to unpackage the motorboat are found after opening the first box.



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Length: 23 ¾"
Height: 7 ¾"